Frequently Asked Questions

What is GSORF?

GSORF is an awesome software which gives you the ability to render your Blender 3D generated animation on multiple computers.

What file formats does GSORF support?

GSORF features Blender 3D generated blend-files only. For now.

What system requirements does GSORF have?

We were able to run a GSORF-Server on a RaspberryPi, so the system requirements are really low for the Server. Naturally the GSORF-Client(s) need all the the power they can get.

What is new in GSORF?

GSORF is for now the only Renderfarm for blender which can deal with 3D or/and 4k Animations.

Does GSORF run on Windows?

Yes GSORF Server and Clients run stable on Windows.

Can't run it on windows, because the libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll library is missing. Where can I get it?

Sorry for the inconvenience. It was installed on our system already, so we didn't notice it. It is now included in the Windows download archive.

Does GSORF run on Mac OS X?

Yes the GSORF Server runs stable on OS X.

Does GSORF run on Linux?

Yes GSORF Server and Clients run stable on Linux.

Does GSORF run on Raspbian?

There used to be a version which was able to run a GSORF Server on a RaspberryPi. But its deprecated for now, this feature will be revived soon.

How can I buy GSORF?

You actually can’t. GSORF is an open source project. But you can donate money via Paypal if you love our work.

How are upgrades being handled?

Just simply follow our/this blog and you will notice if there are any news and updates and just redownload your GSORF version.

Why when I open GSORF I just see error messages?

Make sure you have the neccessary libraries (e.g. .dll files on windows) located in the same folder as the executable. They are provided when you are downloading

Where can I download previous versions of GSORF?

We are using git for version control. You can download different trunk and branch versions of GSORF from our repository. Please see the Download section for this.

Does GSORF take advantage of the CPU and GPU?

Yes especially the GSORF Clients need a lot of CPU or GPU power. You can choose the computing device used while rendering in the GUI of the Client.

What is network rendering?

Network rendering with GSORF involves one managing computer (or server) and one or more rendering servers (or clients). The server sends the rendering job to the clients, receives the result of the rendering at regular time intervals and displays the combined result via i.e. its web interface.

Where can I find tutorials and other learning resources?

You can look at our Quick Start section. There is also the full documentation available.